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Club Activities

The Club practices Shorinjitsu augmented by Kyusho and a variety of side arts and activities ranging from basic´Break-dancing and pure Parkour to NLP psychology, meditation/Chi Kung, conflict intervention, security and risk management in general. All these are comprehensively integrated into one personal security system or style we call LiiKan Jitsu. 

Only through experience can you truly understand so, come with us and experience it for yourself. Come along anytime and join in the regular training with us, for which can you register for the training event on our  pages at:   (Suomeksi: Meetup/LiikanJitsu).

  • We (the Liikan Jitsu club ry) currently train twice per week (normally on Saturdays and Tuesdays) for which, you can find more information and register on our Meetup pages. Training always starts with a basic starter’s course, which lasts for 2 to 4 months depending on timetables & resources, with one or two (~90 mins) sessions a week as notified for each course.

  • lajin kuvaus suomeksiCurrently we also organise afternoon clubs for school kids (free if the school pays), for which, you can get more information via the iltispuolustus (English / Suomeksi) page. Otherwise just drop us a line by email.

  • We have a Chat and Video Tutorial site for members only, from within Facebook for additional on-line and distance learning. Ju Jutsu (like most martial arts) is designed and intended for adults (18+ years), both women and men, however, the Lii-kan Jitsu club also has adapted programs for children in the 8-12 & 13-18 age groups.

  • Extra activities known as Skills Enhancement Training Sessions (SeTs) are occasionally organised or participated in, such as, Break-dancing and Parkour training with visits to specialist training centres, and, outdoor training and camps during the summer season. SeTs video

We can also organise professional  Assault Awareness and Risk Management (AARM) courses for the classroom provided by SeTs Freelancer. These consist of personal protection (self-defence principles and some basic safety techniques), conflict intervention, security and risk management for the general public and security professionals alike, be they school kids, teachers or other  employees at risk in the workplace.

Join the Club

Membership application forms (MAF) and prices guides in both English (EN) and Finnish (SF), can be found on our join us page or found by navigating the menu thus [contact us/join us] for other related information, such as our iltapäiväkerho programme for schools.

Tietoa liitymisestäSign in for one of the training sessions via and feel free to contact us by chat or email if you have any questions.

Alternatively, for those who are a little more shy and reticent, you can join one of our Open Days & Starter Courses beginning September and January each year.

In the mean time, here is some extra information and videos to wet your apetite...

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When push comes to shove, join the Liikan Jitsu Club


Club Development Activities

Join the club and bring a friend or two along for practical and moral support. You will be helping both yourself and the club to ensure better and more comprehensive training experience.

All Members commit to help the club in anyway they can, be it through sponsorship or other help such as promotion and recruitment of new members to keep the club alive and thriving for everyone's benefit. Most promotion happens through word of mouth and the issuing of Club Cards (ask the club instructor), distribution of authorised club posters (good for regular posters) and Contact tag posters (good for open day posters) and of course, the internet via social media networks. When printing posters, choose the most suitable one or that you like best. You can also suggest new ones for us to create. The success of the club and your training career depend on Team Work just as much as self-defence and warfare does. We are counting on YOU!

The club performs demonstrations for schools and the general public occasionally. This is an extra benefit for all club members in order to advance their capabilities through additional and unusual training experiences that can test one's skills and nerve in unfamiliar environments and circumstances. These are, therefore, not considered a burden, but a necessary and integral part of every students training and personal development that you get for free!. Please, YOU feel free to suggest and even help arrange demos at local schools or other suitable venues and times.

We can only get out of the club and training what we are willing to put in to it.

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