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Public Demos & Classes

Lii-Kan Jitsu has on occasion done public demonstrations and also taught 'Dynamic Physical Education' lessons/classes to local schools on both amateur and professional basis.

School Demonstration, September 2017

Dynamic Physical Education is a combination of Self-defense training, Parkour and some basic Break-dancing (Breaking) to create a dynamic form of physical education that is more appealing and up-to-date, hence more interesting for the kids. During our normal training session, we refer to it simply as Parkour Jitsu or Budolop for the younger kids.

Dynamic Physical Education, October 2017-2018

In connection with these 'Dynaamiset Liikunnanopitukset' we have also operated afternoon clubs for the local school kids, a sample of which can be seen in the following videos:

Lii-Kan Jitsu has also done several workshops for schools and school authorities both in England and in Finland. The most recent one 
was for Vantaan Kaupunki in Finland, the highlights of which you can see in the video below, and comments by the teachers concerned and other feedback can be found on our references page.

Workshop: Vantaan Liikuva Koulu Päivät, 2015

"The programme included a skillfully paced topic presentation, imaginative and fun exercises with some principles of self-defence.

The instructor communicated clearly in Finnish language, he had good contact and a warm authority towards the students, that he kept enthusiastic and focused. Our participation in this Liikan Jiu Jitsu workshop was in our opinion the high point of the event."

Tarja Malmi-Raike, School Teacher (class 4b),  18.5.2014

Vantaa City 'Liikuva Koulu' event, 8.5.2014

Liikiva Koulu Video, 2015

Other outings have included work with video animation services, such as with MOCAP systems, for which the video below, filmed many years ago, is unfortunately only available in some countries due to copyright claims on Youtube.