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Clothing & Equipment etc.

Liikan Jitsu Club and the Liikan style maintain a strict dress code for training purposes for safety and practical purpose, whether training in the dojo or outdoors.


Hygiene is paramount at all times.

  • Do not wear any rings, ear rings or other jewellery during training. It is dangerous to your training partners and yourself.

  • Do not chew gum during training, nor eat or drink on the mat.

  • Always wipe the soles of your feet before stepping onto the mat.

  • Ensure that your finger and toe nails are kept short, filed and clean for the same safety and hygiene reasons.

  • Training clothes should be clean, as should you be. There is nothing worse than training with a dirty, stinky training partner. Worse still is the risk of infections from even small wounds incurred from long or sharp dirty finger and toe nails.


To Start training:

  • To start you need a tracksuit or college trousers and shirt with long sleeves but no zips or strings if possible. T-shirts are also acceptable, though, you should be aware that mat burns are more likely on exposed skin.

  • Do not wear any rings, ear rings or other jewellery during training. It is dangerous to your training partners and yourself.

To Continue training:

Kyusho Study Group

  • Kyusho Study group does not require any special clothing except to observe the general hygiene and other safety requirements already mentioned. Students may wear the training outfits of their respective styles if they prefer, or ideally a white polo shirt with a Kyusho badge along with suitable (elasticated waist) training trousers.

Liikan Jitsu

  • The club uniform consists of a white Polo shirt with club badges worn under a light-weight white Judo Gi (suit).

  • We wear black gymnastics slippers preferably or, rubber grip socks or clean, bare feet are also acceptable.  

  • Club / style badges must be correctly worn on the polo or T-shirts (juniors).

    • The Liikan badge is worn on the left breast of the Polo or T-shirt

    • The Brand image is worn on the back

    • Instructions for Iron on Transfers

Notice that:

  • We use a light weight suit, as it is cooler and cheaper, but still strong enough for our general purposes.

  • A Judo Gi is made of softer material than other suits to minimise friction injuries on the fingers during training. Karate Gi's and so-called 'Ju Jutsu Gi's' are not suitable.

  • A White Polo shirt is often worn without the Judo Gi during hard specialist/fitness exercises such as warm-ups, Kickboxing exercises, & also summer outdoor training sessions. Otherwise the full JudoGi must be worn. Grappling style training requires the use of judo suites for both practical and safety reasons.

  • The training suit used is a white Judo Gi and trousers. We recommend

  • Most female students have to wear something underneath the Judo Gi  for the sake of modesty, so all male students are also required to do so to create equal training conditions.

  • Polo shirts are prefered to T-shirts as these are made of stronger material to withstand the stresses of training, similar to a Judo Gi, and are much smarter anyway.


Various training equipment will be needed as the student progresses to various grade levels and these will be informed when necessary. Unfortunately, we do not have storage facilities for general club equipment.

  • New Recruits do not need any other equipment except their own reasonable good health and a healthy attitude (respect) and spirit towards training, the club and its other members. If need be, we supply some basic equipment to help out with large groups of novices on starter courses.

  • All students are required to bring the equipment required for their grade level with them to each training session. experienced students (Grades) that turn up without the equipment pertinent to their grade level will probably not be able to participate in any training that requires them.

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