Tshirt Iron on transfers

Instructions for Iron-on Transfers

The logo pack contains one back image and two chest logos.
One logo can be used as a test/trial logo on a spare piece of white cloth/linin.
If successful, this logo can be used on another shirt for general wear. Cut out the logo from the spare linen and sow it on to another suitable shirt. This way it will be transferable to other shirts as needed.
Note that these instructions are for transfers on white shirts. Coloured shirts required different transfer paper and slightly different transfer method.

Step 1

  1. Buy a suitable polo (piikee) collared shirt with the tougher material.
  2. Wash the shirt first to remove chemicals that might interfere with the image transfers.
  3. Iron the shirt and let cool

Step 2

  1. Set up a suitable ironing board or linen cloth on a table and heat the iron to level 1 or 3 without steam or spray.
  2. Place the logo face down on the shirt on the left breast side, close to the centre (i.e. heart ;-)
    • The back image should be high up on the back, centered level with the armpit crease and behind the heart ;-)
  3. Iron around and criss-cross for about 1 minute, or, until the paper just starts to turn slightly yellow. 
    • Do not over iron or the paper and even the shirt can burn and discolour.
  4. Wait for the shirt and transfer to cool down for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Carefully and slowly peel the backing off the logo to expose the transferred image.

Step 3

  • Wear your shirts for training or, out on club excursions with pride and respect.
  • Keep them clean and tidy as with your other training kit and own person.
  • You are now part of club, a broad group of good and friendly people for which, you are now also a representative - Enjoy!
For more information and pictorial guides from the factory, see the file attachment below.

Lii-Kan Jitsu,
1 Feb 2020, 09:57