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Who can join us

Who Can Join Us

To join us, the most the most important requirements are a good attitude and training spirit.

Fitness or other Olympic abilities are not needed, though we do of course endeavour to improve our fitness levels and mobility through training. We practice a practical art (i.e. includes dangerous techniques and skills) that requires us to train in a cooperative spirit through collaborative learning and competition in order to be both effective and safe. Competitive activities and exercises are limited to friendly competition for the purpose of mutual skill development rather than extrinsic awards or other personal ego inflation. Prima-Donnas, terrorists, criminals, fanatics and other ego maniacs have no place in good martial arts or responsible schools, and need not apply. 

Consequently, the Liikan Jitsu Club and the Liikan style do maintain some restrictions on who can join us based on criminal conduct/intentions, health and age. Traditional Martial Arts were designed for adults in a bygone age and, as such, are quite unsuitable for young children or other more irresponsible juveniles and adults even. 

Everyone is expected to observe and uphold the Dojo ettitquette. These are a set of traditional Japanese rules and some more modern commonsense behavioural requirements intended to prevent conflict and preserve everyone's safety and enjoyment of the training. 

In our membership application form (MAF), you will find sections relating to your own personal security/safety, health-wise, and also to the Club Security which, is concerned with the conduct and intentions of our members. To this end the club often takes videos of the training sessions for both security and video creation and promotional activities. All members must explicitly agree to this (by signing the MAF) in order to join the club.

Our training programme and grading syllabus has adapted to take account of these concerns and restrictions, in particular the various age groups according to modern pedagogical guidelines and practical needs.



  • Ages 19 + 

  • Reasonable Health

  • Good training spirit and Attitude towards the Club and its other members

  • A willingness to make a commitment to the training

At any time, if we suspect previous or current criminal conduct, we may ask you to produce a criminal record statement at your own expense. Obviously, especially given the subject matter and the presence of children training with us, violent people, be they bullies and thugs, juvenile delinquents or other criminal types that might miss-use and abuse what they learn with us, are not welcome at our club. Any information we receive about such abuse and misconduct may be reported to local authorities such as school principles, social services and the police.

Equally, cheats on memberships subscriptions, training fees and other defaulters are regarded in the same light as any other criminal and treated as such. Should we suspect any such potential future misconduct, we reserve the right to terminate a membership immediately, or, at any time without refund and may file claims via the local  bailiffs.

Health is another important issue, hence the requirement to conscienciously and honestly complete the Membership Application Forms (MAF). Failure to disclose a medical condition of any kind is grounds for immediate forfeiture of membership, without refund.

After completion of the starters course, successful students are awarded a certificate / license to train. However, at all times, after reviewing the application, the final decision to admit a new member or terminate an existing one, rests solely at the discretion of the Club Instructor.



  • Ages (~9)10 to 18 (Note 16 - 18 yearolds are usually big enough to train with adults)

  • Reasonable Health

  • Good training spirit and Attitude towards the Club and its other members

  • A willingness to make a commitment to the training

The ability to listen, follow instructions and behave in a somewhat more responsible fashion even when not under direct supervision are an important attribute for safe and effective training. We do not therefore accept children under the age of 8 years, or at least one year of primary school experience, though exceptions may occasionally be made at club instructors discretion to allow for variations in ability and maturity.

Although all juniors train together much of the time and even with or alongside adult members, for pedagogical / child development phase (mental and physical) reasons Juniors follow an adapted syllabus according to the age groups notified.


Whether an adult or junior, personal development, learning and advancement in martial arts, as in any other sport or activity, requires regular and consistent effort. To avoid wasting your time, as well as the instructors and everyone else's, membership applicants should be willing to commit to regular training for an extended period, hence course fees are payable by term/course, in advance.

Excuses are the cornerstone of failure!

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