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Lii-Kan in Action Videos

Parkour Jitsu 01Here you can view some of our favourite videos of Liikan Jitsu in Action. (The selection may vary from time to time) 

Training Overviews

21 Years in Finland (Review)

Training Session Hyperlapse

A whole grading and/or training session in under 5 minutes

Parkour Jitsu

Parkour Jitsu Re-Evolution

Kyusho Jitsu

Kyusho in the Great Outdoors

Skills and Drills Training


SAP Training

Hey Day Soup (Training Overview)

Bottle in the Ring

Chi Kung

Grounding (Rooting)

Chi Kung: Groundwork & Deadman Rooting!

Technical Training

Three Minute Heroes: Mawashi geri

Demos, Public Classes and Workshops