Reference Websites

The following are a list of useful websites for reference purposes. Whilst they contain related skills, techniques and other knowledge, they do not necessarily accurately represent how things are done in Lii-Kan Jitsu for self-defense purposes. They are learning aids only, providing a catalog of and/or references to some of the types of techniques and skills we practice. E.g. Judo practices many throwing techniques by the same name and origins but, their way of practicing and executing those techniques have evolved and changed for the purposes of sporting competition and safety.  Lii-kan Jitsu still practices many of these shaped, if not bastardised techniques for the sake of safety when first learning or during the practice of Pressure Training to raise skill levels to a higher level more safely. However, the safety catch is then released and these are further studied in respect to their true forms and purposes using safer, more controlled training exercises.

Judo was created in the early 1930's because of social change as a way to practice some of the essential principles and ways of Budo, without the dangerous application aspects. The founder was Jigoro Kano, who founded what became known as the Kodokan in Japan, Kodo having been his nickname. Aikido was developed for the same reasons at around the same time. Karate also went through similar modifications in the latter part of the 1930's, notably by replacing the more practical and dangerous Six Ji hands of the Bubishi with a simple clenched fist, and then becoming known as the 'way of the fist'. Subsequently, in all of these styles, much fundamental knowledge of the techniques and their true meaning and usage has been lost or simply hidden from the general practitioners outside of Japan and China. This is what gave rise to the new Kyusho Jitsu organizations, which having been allowed to learn some of this more secret knowledge, changed the name of their style to distance themselves from the stereotypical western Karate styles and schools.

Judo Reference Websites