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Acqua Training

Acqua Training is...

Swimming and specially designed aerobic and power exercises make a very powerful fitness (Aerobic and Muscular Endurance) regime that aids coordination, breathing and Bio-Enegery development based on the Respiratory, Cardio-vascular and Lymphatic circulatory systems, and, the Nerve and Endocrine regulatory systems in particular. 

Chi Kung practice is in itself an important survival/self-preservation enhancement skill that can also be useful in many self-defence situations. The Japanese Bushi used to hold competitions for horse swimming even, just as archery competitions, jousting and other competitive tournaments are a matter of historical record even in the west.

Done properly, Acqua Training uses the Liquid Dynamics of water to create resistance whenever a force is applied against it. The greater the force (and speed of application), the greater the resistance, and heat generation. Basically, water cannot be compressed, so unless it has an escape route to the bottom (leak), sides (displacement/waves) or, Up (splashes), then landing on water at speed from a great hight can be little different to hitting a brick wall. 

The Lii-Kan Acqua Training techniques and method are designed to take advantage of these properties for the purposes of Aerobic, Muscular Endurance and, even Physical Strength purposes. These external (Yin/Weidan/Omote) aspects of the training. There are also internal (Yin/Neidan/Ura) aspects involving the circulatory and regulatory systems that help develop our Chi Kung or Bio-Energy Training and conditioning with quite remarkable revitalising effect. This physical experience can also be used in purely mental meditation training to enhance the cultivation of Chi (Bio-Energy) and its circulation.