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Break-dancing is a modern dance born on the streets (hence its nickname of street-dancing) that contains quite a considerable amount of floor gymnastics and even acrobatics to match even the best of the world's conventional gymnasts.  

Reactori break-dancing jamming - just for the fun of it!

Break-Dancing is...

  •  Break-Dancing has, however, not only borrowed from gymnastics for its repertoire of balance holds, spinning and gyrating tricks at break-neck speed, but, like Parkour has even borrowed ideas from the martial arts.

  • In turn, martial artists can learn and greatly benefit from the practice of break-dancing in the realm of fluid and fast movement from position to position whilst still on the ground is an excellent martial skill for ground fighting and defence from the ground. This combined with the general footwork, body control skills, balance, coordination, rhythm and timing and fitness aspects makes it an excellent martial skills training in itself. 

  • There is also a psychological, tactical and confidence boosting aspect to the art in which, contestants compete in dance battles with each other, playing off each other's presentations, teasing, taunting and tactically timing their best efforts and tricks for best effect, before they get too tired. It is the dancing version of the original Wrapping contests.