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Criminology, Security and Risk Management is...

CSR Management is normally regarded belonging in the realms of career professionals, however, nothing could be further from the truth. Much helpful knowledge for self-defence purposes can be gleaned from the study of these disciplines, just as many so-called security professionals would be well advised to learn and understand a great deal more about self-defence and operational security officer skills and requirements. The absence of such detailed understanding of the grass-roots of the security business can only lead to inefficient if not ineffective use of technology, people and resources in general, not to mention issues relating to leadership capability.

'As it is above, so it is below'

There is a proverb that, 'As it is above, so it is below', which, means that the principles are always the same no matter what level you are practising at. In fact, the processes and patterns are usually the same also, with the main differences appearing only at the level of procedures, tasks and techniques. To properly understand the principles, processes and patterns that provide the guiding framework for our activities and actions, it is usually easier to learn and understand them in physical self-defence, precisely because of the more direct, concise and concrete experience of cause and effect involved.

Bear in mind also, that :

  • An understanding of how and why people become victims to crime (Victimology), can help us to avoid it and control if not allay many of our fears. This provides us with the information we need to analyse the risks realistically and create risk management plans.
  • An understanding of why and how some people commit crimes (Criminology), whether through Crimpattern Analysis or Offender Profiling, can greatly help us to determine suitable tactics and strategies for protecting ourselves against them. Conflict Intervention and Management works best when properly informed about the types of attackers and attacks, moderated by the likelihood and outcome risks they present.

Personal security starts with basic physical training, but, sooner or later must incorporate some degree of Criminology and Victimology knowledge within a framework of Risk Analysis and Management in order to remain up-to-date, effective and efficient with the resources available. Much of this (the constants) has already built into the Lii-Kan Jitsu system, but, many aspects require continuous and on-going study and research in order to remain up-to-date and relevant.

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